I Don’t Wanna Be A Tinderella

Boys, chat, dating, experiment, humor, online, tinder

I’ve been itching to see what all of this Tinder talk is about. Swipe left. Swipe Right. Moments. Taglines. Matching. Tinder is an entirely different world…. So is Pennsyltucky (relative to everywhere else I have been). Combining the two in this app has certainly not been a boring 48hr experiment.

You’d think after presumably bountiful attempts to pick up women on Tinder, he would have a clue as to what might work, and what doesn’t. Am I missing some sort of bad sexual innuendo? Is Mr. Seafood just being straightforward about solely wanting a Tinder date? I will never know… evidentially you can “unmatch.”


Others are just soooooo cheesy. Just so you know, Mr. Simon Cowell Wanna Be, its a ten to you. And I would never date a one.


This guy just needs to crawl out from his rock. Good, bad, or ugly year for the Texas Longhorns, they are champions at heart. Jerk.


I was also pleased to find the occasional super friendly Pennsyltuckyian Tinderer particularly cheerful to a stranger on Monday morning.