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I am starting a diet tomorrow. So naturally, today I make two giant, fresh, perfectly-dense loaves of plain white bread with my mother, thaw a stick of salted butter, fix us each a cup of tea, and start brainstorming the changes that are to be made in my diet… starting tomorrow. One loaf of warm buttery heaven later, and all I have decided is that I wish whoever was Dr. Atkins’ spokesperson was wildly less successful. All diet science aside; bread is truly amazing. I would’ve loved to be the founder of bread.

The only ingredients one needs to make bread are flour, water, yeast and salt. These few simple holistic elements interact in complex ways to produce this warm fluffy ecstasy. Ingenious.

Bread pairs flawlessly with any other food choice. (In the dough, on the bread, between pieces of bread, or stuffed into the bread). Bread can be easily adjusted to suit any palate. It can sweet, crunchy, savory, fluffy, dense, nutty, chewy… the possibilities are endless! Even when it is not supposed to be good anymore you can turn stale bread into croutons or crackers.

If you want to gauge your level of intimacy or compatibility with a significant other or friend, bake it or buy it, but definitely break the bread together. That instant insulin spike and energy felt after any blissful encounter with bread always yields instant joy and focus.

Here is the link that my mother and I use to make bread: