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I did not go down a slide until I was three years old. Feeling out of control is a nightmare. Since bearing an itchy neon green arm cast for eight weeks after wiping out on an icy sidewalk in middle school, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with cold weather in its entirety. In accordance to my New Year’s resolution, I decided to try something new that scares me (which seems to be all the buzz on social media). What better way to combine the fear of sliding, feeling out of control, and ice then to ski!?

If you are anything like me, the few hours leading up to such an infamously dangerous activity, you look up fatality statistics, the recovery period for various bones to be broken, how many mph will I be hammering down this mountain, how to brace myself on the lift to avoid plummeting several feet into ice, and what to do in the event of frost bite. I do not advise this.

The worst-case scenario is rarely going to happen exactly as imagined. There is no point in guessing the play-by-play. All that can be done is to prepare to be the best you possible in order to surmount any obstacles or down hill plunging that you may face. Next time, I will prepare to be inspired by Lindsey Vonn.

Things like skiing, eating well, succeeding in school and training, or writing a blog post require confidence. While being an informed participant has its perks, there are some things that will only knock one off their rocker and are better just not to know. I know that when putting on skis and sliding down a mountain, there is a reasonably high chance that the first few times, I am going to fall on my bum. When I am trying to eat well, I should look into the kinds of foods that are good for my body, and a general idea of the foods that are not as good.

Preparing to fail becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That first twenty minutes in my skis, I could hardly move, and I fell, a lot. It wasn’t until my instructor helped me unclench my white knuckles and take a deep breath that I decided to try unwind, have confidence in myself, and take the obstacles as they were presented to me.